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Pu F class insulation varnish

Why do transformers need electric insulation?

In power transformers, insulation systems are fluid (either liquid or gas) and solid components. Since 1886 and the mid-1970s, when the flammability of mineral oil was an issue, petroleum-based lubricants have been used to insulate power transformers. Still, it has since been phased out of transformer production due to environmental concerns. Any of several high-flash-point...

Benefits of Insulation Chemical

8 Benefits of Insulation Chemical for Electrical Components for More Stability

New Manthan Industries is one of the topmost companies when it comes to providing you with insulation chemicals. The products manufactured and supplied by us are of top quality. Firstly, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who constantly keep doing quality checks from time to time. Even if a fraction of the product...

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The Best Substitute of Desmodur AP stable by New Manthan Industries

New Manthan Industries is considered all-around when it comes to any product used for varnishing, insulation, solvent products. The products available are not only versatile but trustworthy as well. THERMOCOAT-155 – ISO-STABLE-AP is one such product used in Conjunction With Various Type Of Polyol And Other Oh-Terminated Resin. It is also used to formulate photos...

Motor Varnish Chemical Manufacturer

Best Motor Varnish Chemical Compound By New Manthan Industries

New Manthan Industries is a well-respected manufacturer and exporter of chemical compounds. A necessary ingredient for industrial areas. We are a leading, best in class manufacturing and supplying organization which deals with the production of construction chemicals. We are the leading manufacturer of such chemicals and when it comes to varnishes we are the leading...

Fiber Glass Compound

Best Insulation Compound for Fiber Glass Coating by New Manthan Industries

New Manthan Industries is a pioneer when it involves trading in chemicals and their compounds. As a result, it has earned its reputation of being the topmost manufacturing, supplying, producing, and delivering industrial chemicals and construction chemicals. Our wide array of products includes concrete admixture, surface treatment, grouts, industrial flooring products, structure repair products, adhesives,...