Best Insulation Compound for Fiber Glass Coating by New Manthan Industries

Fiber Glass Compound

New Manthan Industries is a pioneer when it involves trading in chemicals and their compounds. As a result, it has earned its reputation of being the topmost manufacturing, supplying, producing, and delivering industrial chemicals and construction chemicals. Our wide array of products includes concrete admixture, surface treatment, grouts, industrial flooring products, structure repair products, adhesives, and bonding agents designed to bond or fix construction material. We even focus on allied products. We are accredited as ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED company.

Our motto has been to deliver and produce a non-compromised quality from the time we exist in this field. We have got a team of experienced supervisors who are involved in quality checks constantly. We conduct few tests on various testing parameters to ensure the performance and quality consistency of the required. We never compromise on our tests and products, which is why we are the best in business.

Our products are safely packaged to make sure that these products are free from damage while transferring. We’ve got a listing of prestigious clients like government, semi-government, private institutions, builders and contractors, etc. we offer the top-selling insulation compounds for Fiberglass coating. One such product is Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT.

Fiberglass and Coatman thermocoat 155 HT


Insulation materials come from different sources like minerals, vegetable fibers, animal products, and artificial compounds. Like in many engineering decisions, each material has advantages and drawbacks that must be considered when selecting insulation for anything.

This article outlines the fiberglass options within the market and the way they perform in actual projects. Fiberglass is an insulation material that’s one among the modern inventions but could also be found in older constructions – one example is insulation with an asbestos content, which has been outlawed.

(side note: ensure your building has the proper insulation and reduces your energy costs.)

Fiberglass is one of the foremost popular insulation materials, made by weaving fine strands of glass. It’s manufactured mostly from recycled glass.

The characteristics are the self-explanatory reasons why fiberglass is preferred. Characteristics like Minimal heat transfer, Non-flammability, the R-values range from R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch, is Low cost yet Environmentally friendly. It doesn’t absorb water.

IT are often dangerous for installers; they require special protection equipment. the tiny particles of glass can damage the eyes, lungs, and skin if one has not been careful. Loose-fill insulation is applied using an insulation blowing machine. It’s available in Blankets (batts and rolls): fiberglass batt are often found as medium or high-density, with higher R-values than standard batts, it’s loose-fill and blown-in, Blow-in Blanket System (BIBS): a variation of loose-fill insulation that’s blown dry, and tests have proven a better insulation level than other sorts of fiberglass. It are often utilized in rigid boards, Duct insulation, Rigid fibrous insulation, etc.

Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT

Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT is a compound that can be applied for things like Electrical-Wire Sleeving Insulation Compound, fabric coating and is also suitable for food contact. The benefits of using Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT is that it has Good Clarity, is Easily Pigmentable and is Formulated to meet BfR, XV and FDA21 CFR 177.2600 and is capable of Unprimed adhesion to glass fabric.

It can also be used as an Electrical-Wire Sleeving Insulation Compound. The components are supplied strained and might be used as plenty of matched kits. Also, keep in mind that the mixture must be thoroughly de-gassed under a vacuum. It is often used for Mixing and de-airing, Pot Life, Cleaning, Curing, Pigmentation.

The product is this product is supplied in 20 Ltr. & 200 ltr. and also, the usable Life And Storage is as follows:

When stored at or below 32°C (90°F) within the original unopened containers, this product features a usable lifespan of 15 months from the date of production.

The product is tested as per ASTM (American Society for Testing end Materials). They’re tested consistent with Dam Corporate Test Methods (CTM); in most cases, they are almost like the ASTM standard listed above. During the tests, Properties obtained on 2 mm, thick slabs were Press cured for 10 minutes at 120.0 (24B.F), and Viscosity measured on the Brookfield HAF Viscometer, spindle 7, 10 rpm C


Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT is the best Insulation Compound for Fiberglass Coating by New Manthan Industries because it incorporates a longer lifespan of 15 months stored properly and can be used for all the assigned insulations.

The insulation material could seem overwhelming. However, with professional engineering services, you can ensure that your project has optimal insulation. A well-insulated building has lower heating and cooling expenses since effective insulation minimizes heat gain during 

During winter and everyone, summer and heat loss are often taken care of by Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT.

When effective insulation like Coatman Thermocoat 155 HT is combined with a high-efficiency HVAC design, your building achieves a drastic reduction of heating and cooling costs. Applying insulation is cheaper and simpler in new buildings since there’s no got to disturb an existing construction. Developers who are planning a replacement project should keep this in mind.

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