Best Motor Varnish Chemical Compound By New Manthan Industries

Motor Varnish Chemical Manufacturer

New Manthan Industries is a well-respected manufacturer and exporter of chemical compounds. A necessary ingredient for industrial areas. We are a leading, best in class manufacturing and supplying organization which deals with the production of construction chemicals. We are the leading manufacturer of such chemicals and when it comes to varnishes we are the leading Motor Varnish chemical Compound manufacturer in India. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of  Varnish in the State. Over the time we have been delivering products and promises uncompromised of quality or quantity. New Manthan Industry has a team of highly experienced professionals who are constantly concerned with quality checks. We Organise and conduct quality testing of the products based on stringent parameters and various testing parameters. It ensures the consistency of quality and performance of the product.

Our wide range of products includes:

  • Admixture (concrete).
  • Surface treatment.
  • Industrial flooring products and grouts.
  • Structure repair product.
  • Bonding agents and adhesives are designed to bond or fix construction material.
  • Specialization in allied products. 

We are accredited as ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED company. Our products are packaged with safety which ensures these products are free of damage while transferring. Our list consists of prestigious clients such as government, semi-government and private builders, contractors, institutions, etc

In the universe of electrical products, wire and cable have always  been subjected to innovations. There have been different types of alternatives, each of which helps other wiring products achieve their specific roles. One of the important pieces of an electrical commodity today is insulation, also known as an electrical insulator.  As the name implies, Electric insulation chemical compound  is an that keeps electricity within. Moreover, it is a material in which the internal electric charges do not flow independently, or it has very little electric current flow under the influence of an electric field. There are various wiring insulation manufacturers, and their products are almost identical to chemical compounds. Many of these are similar, but certain manufacturers have slightly changed features. As a Motor Varnish manufacturer  we have added some prominent features of the construction, as it will allow us to trademark the material as nobody provides varnishes as we do.

The catalog of New Manthan Industries consists of industrial flooring products, surface treatment, concrete admixture, product bonding agents, structural repair, and fix construction material. We provide highly specialized allied products as well. Our product ranges from Construction, Painting, Productions, 

Epoxy, Armechers, and Transformers. Our catalogue consists of MANVAR-65 ER, THERMOCOAT-HT, THERMOCOAT-155, THERMOCOAT-155 – ISO-STABLE-AP, THINNER 155, Butyl Acetate, MANVAR-900, Manvar 300, Phenol, THERMOCOAT-155 AD, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Xylene, TOLUENE DI-ISOCYANATE (TDI 80:20), TRIETHANOLAMINE, MDI, and Defoamer.

Coatman Thermocoat ISO Stable AP is one such product manufactured and distributed by us.  It is a revolutionary product which is of Phenol Masked Polyisocyanate type. It is a perfect Substitute of Bayer Desmodur Ap Stable. The Isocyanate Content in this is 12 0.2%.: iSO stable AP is a Solvent-Free Product with a hard light yellow color. It is used with various types of Polyol and other Oh-Terminated Resin. ISO Stable AP can also formulate photo emulsion for textile nickel graver screen and motor varnish with good mechanical electrical and di-electrical with combination binder For wire enamels varnish. Additionally, it is a Solvent-Free Solid Resin  The Softening Point of Themocoat coatman ISO stable AP is 100 C (approximately) which means it can handle the generic amount of heat expelled by industries. ISO stable AP is soluble in Ethyl Acetate, Di Acetone Alcohol, In Butyl Acetate Otherester, Glycol Ethers, Ketones and phenol  Cresol, Insoluble In Aliphatic Hydrocarbons. The shelf life of  ISO stable AP is One Year (If the product is kept Properly Sealed) and the package is delivered and stored in paper drums of 50 kgs & 100 Kgs.


New Manthan Industries specializes in the production, export, and supply of the best motor varnish chemical compound. The motor varnish and other chemicals are processed using chemical compounds that qualified experts have well tested in the field of fiber. They experiment by the set industry regulations. Also, our top quality varnish goes through different quality tests by home quality experts. The varnish provided by us is highly appreciated for its excellent quality and purity. Moreover, this varnish is used in multiple chemical industries, electric industries, and industrial tools.


Feel free to contact us either by calling us on +91 98982 05767 or drop a mail on or you can also visit us at 1006, Satyamev Shivalik, Bopal, Ahmedabad -380058. You can also visit our website link and drop a message. We promise to contact and entertain your query as soon as possible like we promise and deliver our products