Why Does Armature Winding Need Insulation Varnish?

Why Does Armature Winding Need Insulation Varnish?


Do you wonder whether the armature winding needs insulation varnish or not? Do you want to know why armature winding needs insulation varnish? Every electrical part needs varnish so that it can work up to its full potential. In this article, we will be looking at what an armature building is and why it needs insulation varnish. Further, we will also look at different types of insulation varnish for armature winding. So, let’s dig in.

What is Armature Winding?

Armature winding is more or less a type of conductor. It is mainly covered with either a single cotton cover, double cotton cover, cotton fiberglass, or enamel. Armature winding has rolls in them which are bound with the help of cotton tape. These coils or cotton are dipped into the insulation varnish which is later dried up. The armature windings are placed in the slots present in the armature and after that, they are connected properly. 

If we look deeply, armature winding is an electric machine where emf is generated because of the presence of the air gap field flux. DC current flows within the winding that creates the air gap. We will now be looking at why armature winding needs Insulation varnish. 

Why does Armature Winding Need Insulation Varnish?

Now, when you know what an armature winding is. Let us tell you a little about insulation varnish. Insulation varnish is materials that are used to protect machines that work on high voltage like motors, generators, transformers, and many more. They are used to form an insulating surface and avoid any short circuits or other failures. Some of the insulation varnishes are Manvar 900, Coatman Thermocoat 155 CY stable, and many more. 

Let’s now move towards knowing the need for armature insulating varnish. Here are some of the reasons why armature winding needs insulation varnish.

  • The insulation varnish of armature winding protects the winding from any kind of contamination.
  • It also protects the armature winding from any short circuits and breakdown. 
  • The armature windings after insulation varnish become rigid mechanically and also tight. 
  • Another function of insulation varnish is that it helps in the dissipation of heat.
  • It increases the efficiency and productivity of the machines.
  • It saves the armature winding from any sort of electrical mishap or failure.
  • It keeps the machine in proper condition and provides electrical insulation and thermal and electrical resistance.

Types of Insulation Varnish for Armature Winding

Many different insulation varnishes are used for winding purposes, epoxy varnish for motor winding is the most common. This insulation varnish is also done in different ways. Here different types of insulation varnish are done for Armature winding. 

  • Single-phase and polyphase armature winding
  • Concentrated winding and distributed winding 
  • Lap, Wave, and Concentric or spiral winding – Lap winding has three subtypes under it.
  • Simplex type lap winding
  • Duplex type lap winding
  • Triplex type lap winding 
  • Single and double layer winding 
  • Half coiled and whole coiled winding 
  • Full pitched coil winding and fractional pitched coil winding.

Where you can buy insulating Varnish for Winding

Now, when you are all aware of armature winding and why it needs insulation varnish, we will tell you here where you can buy the insulation varnish for winding. You can get the insulation varnish from any electrical shop. Moreover, you can buy insulation varnish from New Manthan Industries. You can either walk in the shop or even place an online order from the New Manthan Industries website to buy the insulation varnish. It is very easily available and easy to buy as well. 

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Every electrical component requires insulation. Through this article, it is quite evident that it is very necessary to do insulation varnish on armature windings. Armature winding requires varnish so that any electrical failure can be reduced like short circuits. Moreover, it is also used to make sure the winding is working properly. New Manthan Industries is a company that sells the best quality insulation varnish. So, you can consider buying it from there.