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In Phyllodoce, geni­tal funnels appear and get connection with the nephridia only when the gonads turn out to be experienced.

Fertilization is external but in some kinds copulation may happen as the ladies of these species are offered with receptacles. All oligochaetes are hermaphrodite and have nicely-described gonads which remain lim­ited to few segments only. Testes are one to four pairs and lie in adjacent segments. The testes keep on being encased in special sacs, called seminal vesicles.

Male- reproductive cells are detached early from the testes and they are nourished in these vesicles. The sperm ducts bear funnels at their strategies and traverse many segments posteriorly, ahead of opening to the outside the house as a result of the gonopore.

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Ovaries are strictly one particular pair and are lo­cated posterior to the testes bearing seg­ments. Every single ovary is followed by an oviduct and the two oviducts unite just before opening to the outside as a result of gonopore. Although her­maphrodite, the oligochaetes practise cross- fertilization.

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Reciprocal copulation allows the worm to go on sperms of one particular worm to the other. The sperms thus obtained continue being saved in spermatheca. Hirudinea, like the oligochaetes, are her­maphrodite. Female reproductive organs consist of several rows of reproductive cells encased in a pair of ovarian tubes.

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The ovar­ian tubes are brief in Gnathobdella, prolonged in Rhyncobdella and looped in Pharyngobdella. The anterior end of the tube is prolonged as oviduct. The two oviducts usually fuse to kind a vagina which opens to the exterior in the 11th phase. Male reproductive procedure consists of 4- 17 pairs of metamerically organized testis sacs.

There is a pair of longitudinal ducts, called vas deferens. The vas deferens widens at the suggestion to type the seminal vesicle. Every seminal vesicle opens into a median atrium. The atrium opens to the outdoors by way of the 11th phase.

The atrium normally stays pro­vided with an intromittent organ, called penis. 13. Anxious Procedure of Phylum Annelida :The anxious procedure, at the very least in the course of de­velopment, exhibits a segmented condition, that is, its segmentation corresponds to the segmentation of the mesoderm. Each seg­ment carries a pair of ganglia on parallel cords and continues to be connected by commissures and hence give a ladder-like overall look. As advancement proceeds, there occurs fusion of ganglia, the nerve wire and commissures.

Fusion of anterior segments in many varieties final results the development of a sub-pharyngeal ganglion or ganglia. From the apical sense organ of the trochophore arises the supra- oesophageal ganglion or the brain. The supra and sub-pharyngeal ganglia continue to be linked with each individual other by means of the circumoesophageal connectives.

14. Regeneration in Phylum Annelida :In several polychaetes there is exceptional assets of regeneration. In Autolytus pictus any a single of the segments amongst very first and seventh can regenerate head and anterior segments after elimination. When the segments from eight to 13 are excised only 4 segments with parapodia and the head will be fashioned. r

When lower behind 14-segment only just one seg­ment with setae will develop.

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